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 Continet:   Europe

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Address:   Milan, Italy

iAlgae was founded in 2010 after a thorough study on the comparison with the world of youth and its needs on the Internet and the management of the various search engines by the former.
The idea is to have the whole web in just one page, with direct links to the major worldwide search engines , giving the best services in a single solution, all in utter safety.
Founder "Agustin Lleshi
Why choose iAlgae? 
It offers whole web in one page, and 240 million websites a huge amount of files to the internationa platform to ensure better research, detailed andsimple.
About iAlgae
iAlgae is the ultimate search engine which allows you to easily find what you want. The substantial difference of iAlgae compared to other search engines is very simple.
iAlgae is a pluralistic search engine (it transmits the information without filters), incorporates the best of the web in one simple page, with just a click away.
iAlgae is a new search engine,both graphic design and functins are updated continuously. iAlgae is available in most spoken languages of the world.